You have no energy before a party and you’re wondering what energy drinks work the best? KABISA!

Hi guys! How are you all doing today? Friday night is ahead of us and with it… a lot of parties! Do you have plans for tonight? Maybe not everybody knows it but Kenya is famous for having the most amazing places to dance! Typically they are open until the sun shines the next day. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect weekend plan?

But for dancing all night long we need a lot of energy, especially after the whole week spent at work. Many people would get an energy drink in that situation rather than drink coffee. But there are so many brands of energy drinks and sometimes it is hard to choose the best one. Energy drink consumption in Kenya is actually pretty high and people are usually wondering which energy drink stimulates the most among the most popular energy drinks. But sometimes people forget to take a look at the ingredients which is the most important thing when choosing a beverage. Try not to just take one of “ the best energy drinks “ immediately – explore your options! To make your choice easier we can surely recommend you the best tasting energy drink – KABISA! It’s also the healthiest energy drink Poland produced due to the fact that as a drink manufacturer we pay attention to every little detail. Every can of KABISA is packed with essential vitamins and we always put our customers in the first place. That is why when you would ask a question ” what is the best energy drink in South Africa in 2019 “ the majority of people in Africa will probably answer: this new african energy drink – KABISA!

In many countries we are also considered as the best energy drink for focus so if you work hard during the whole week and have problems with concentration – KABISA will help you with that. After trying it you will get a huge dose of motivation and you will never forget this tropical taste! For instance, in Zimbabwe energy drinks are not so popular but KABISA always appears on the tables during parties and celebrations. In Zambia energy drink sector is not very big yet but everyone who tried KABISA loved it from the first sip!

During the largest Asian food exhibition – Sial China – we had a chance to meet a lot of our customers and that was a wonderful experience! We heard so many beautiful words! For example we found out that we are one of the most desired energy drinks in Uganda! Thank you guys, that is such a huge honour! We wish we had more opportunities to meet during occasions like this! But for now –  don’t wait, grab a can of KABISA and dance all night long! Have a great weekend!