What are the top spots to grab delicious food and energy drinks? Keep reading for the best places to visit in Malawi!

Malawi is a well known country thanks to its astonishing landscapes, vibrant culture and outstanding history. But did you know that Malawi is also very famous for its cuisine? Nsima, chambo, mpasa, usipa, mbatata and nthoch are only a few examples proving that during your stay in Malawi you should devote quite a bit of your time to visiting some restaurants. The best ones are the local ones. Try not to end up in places with Asian, Italian, American and European cuisine. You can eat food like that all over the world. How to avoid this kind of restaurants? First of all, try not to eat in the main street. It’s quite likely that the prices will be really high and the food will be prepared especially for the tourists (you will probably get some safe options which will be tasty but rather far from the original recipe). Second thing – follow the locals. People who have been living in a certain place for a while know where to eat good, cheap and real food. From our experience, if you want to try the local specialities don’t choose restaurants with, for instance, Red Bull distributors labels – places like that usually have foreign cuisine. The biggest energy drinks companies are trying to have their products everywhere – especially in the most popular tourist spots. There is a very similar situation with the food and beverage companies in Tanzania.

Don’t be surprised if you find many different energy drink brands in a local eatery – this is one of the most popular types of beverages in Malawi. KABISA is one of the European energy drinks brands which are available on the African market. Why is KABISA appreciated so much? Many energy drink manufacturing companies are afraid to enter the African market because it is believed to be extremely difficult and demanding. We started with KABISA energy drink Kenya which turned out to be a huge success. In just a few years, we have become one of the leaders of the Kenyan energy drink sector. Maybe one day KABISA will be the most popular Asian energy drink? There are no limits for us, we’re constantly developing!


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