What do people think about energy drinks? KABISA has been nominated in the Transformation Entrepreneurs 2019 Competition!

As we have mentioned in the previous articles, KABISA energy drink had established its position as one of the most desired energy drinks on the African market. Within just a few years after Mutalo Group had been introduced to the market in Africa, it has radically changed people’s point of view about energy drinks. They used to be seen as something to be drunk only when you need a quick energy boost, for example while training or studying. Thanks to KABISA (or as our French speaking fans might write – KABISSA), its unique design and tropical flavour people started to consider this particular energy drink as a beverage which is a perfect addition to any meeting with friends or family. All of that contributed to KABISA’s victory in the Transformation Entrepreneurs 2019 Competition in the category: ‘Business with a vision’. In Poland energy drink sector is highly developed, this award is a huge achievement and success for us. Many energy drinks companies try to offer an outstanding value to their customers. In order to do so energy drink manufacturers are doing their best to make their product stand out among all the others. KABISA has been special from the very beginning, the eye-catching design of the can and its refreshing original taste will stay in your memory for a long time.

Our main goal is to popularize our product and the whole category of  energy drinks in South Africa. Thanks to the unique and vivid culture, the African market is one of a kind and has a great potential. Mutalo Group Kenya has a long-term plan not only for the development of the KABISA brand but also for rising people’s awareness about how inspiring is the African culture. Next thing we want to focus on is simply to make KABISA the best – in Zambia energy drink market is very demanding but we’re putting a lot of effort into providing you with an incredible and high-quality product! It’s quickly becoming your favourite beverage in more and more countries.

We believe that in the near future we will have more good news for you. Make sure to stay tuned and to check out our drinks blog! And now – grab a can of KABISA and enjoy your weekend!