KABISA says “NO” to aspartame in energy drinks – an inspiring TEDx talk!

Did you know that our team visited TEDxSGH? TED is a nonprofit who collaborates with SGH – Warsaw School of Economics, the oldest and very high rated university of business in Poland. These two institutions organise short, but incredibly powerful talks with unique people. The main goal of every TEDx performance is to inspire people who seek a deeper understanding of the world. TEDx is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of overall mission to discover “ideas worth spreading.” Passionate individuals who seek to uncover new solutions and ideas spark conversations in their communities to inspire the local environment. One of the speakers at last week’s event was Mr Tomasz Adam Nowowieyski – the CEO of Mutalogroup, one of the most famous energy drinks manufacturers. He drove attention to a very interesting topic and talked about building online & offline businesses across Africa. The core of his speech was how diverse and astonishing the African continent is and how to succeed there with your idea. Mr Nowowieyski lived and worked in several African countries and co-founded a rapidly developing company which conquered the market with its revolutionary product – KABISA Energy Drink. The talk about KABISA and some other new energy drink companies inspired his large and hungry of knowledge audience to learn more about this fascinating, but also extremely difficult business. KABISA is definitely the best option for all of you who care about health. Harmful ingredients? Not in KABISA! This energy drink is based only on natural sugar – you won’t find any artificial sweeteners added. What’s more, this beverage is packed with vitamins which are essential for our mental and physical condition. However, KABISA is not only healthy, but also very popular on the African markets. Did you know that it is said to be the best power drink from Congo and one of the most famous energy drinks Kenya really appreciated? Thanks to its unique taste and exotic design KABISA is now on the prestigious list of beverage companies in Ethiopia and in the top ‘ Comoros drinks ‘ ranking.

Because we truly love developing our brand, our aim is to become the best company among all energy drink leaders!

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