Who loves drinking energy drinks? We do!

Did you know that last week our team visited SIAL Middle East 2019 – one of the world’s biggest food fairs? It was such a pleasure to visit Abu Dhabi! We had a chance to introduce ourselves as the best beverage company in the world! 😉 During a short introductory movie we presented what our energy drink factory looks like. Other exhibitors were impressed with how modern is the equipment that we use to produce KABISA! This event was a huge success and a wonderful opportunity to meet people engaged in the same sector. It was an amazing experience and we met so many persons curious about KABISA. Have you been there? If not – don’t miss the next food fairs, it’s worth it! So, what have you been up to recently? Do you feel a little bit tired? Are you looking for the power drink that can keep you awake for many hours? KABISA Energy Drink is the one! Thanks to its ingredients such as vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, this unique power drink has no harmful impact on your health. It is also worth saying that KABISA has the best possible quality to price ratio. Sounds good, doesn’t it? What about the summer, are you planning your holidays? Do you want to visit some amazing African destinations? Go ahead! KABISA Energy Drink is now the best power drink Zambia has ever tried! Grab a can and make sure to have enough energy for the whole journey. Our amazing fans from Kenya drink KABISA all the time! It’s the favourite beverage choice for any celebration or family gathering. Are you planning any holiday trips with friends and you’re going by car? Thanks to its unique taste and high-quality ingredients, KABISA drink became the best drink for long distance driving. You can be sure that we produce the energy drink Africa loves the most. However KABISA has its fans not only in Africa. This energy drink Poland manufactures is also distributed in Europe, Asia and Central America! Do you want to learn more? Follow the drink blog of KABISA!