Who knew that the energy drink that works the best is also the perfect cocktail mixer?

What are your favourite brands of energy drink? Did you know that the majority of the top energy drink brands use harmful additives? It turns out that energy drink manufacturing isn’t as easy as it seems. At least if you care about the quality. If you want a healthy power boost energy drink company that uses artificial colorants and sweeteners isn’t the right choice. We’re sure you’ve heard about KABISA – an innovative beverage providing thousands of people with a dose of healthy energy. And if you haven’t – well, don’t hesitate to give it a chance! It’s packed with vitamins, contains only natural sugar and has an absolutely delicious tropical flavour! That’s why it’s also an ultimate cocktail mixer. Add it to your favourite spirit and you’ll have an incredible party starter. You don’t drink alcohol? In Cameroon soft drinks are taken to another level – check out some of the most popular recipes, add KABISA and fix yourself a drink. An average person in Congo drinks two cans of energy drinks a week – it’s probably safe to assume that it’s often added to another beverage. KABISA tastes great with juice or with soda. Or on its own – just add a few ice cubes and treat yourself with a glass of KABISA on the rocks. Many beverage companies in Kenya start to pay more attention to the quality of their product but not everything meets the highest standards. In the era of mass production it’s often quite difficult to find something worth trying out. KABISA is present on more than 20 markets and has won the hearts of so many people, not only in Africa. It’s one of the favourite beverages in countries such as Kenya, Ivory Coast and Ghana and it’s on its way to become one of the leading energy drink brands in South Africa. Make sure to grab a can next time you see it on the shelf, you won’t regret it!