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Are you an energy drinks fan? We feel you. No matter if you’ve already found your ideal beverage or if you’re still looking – you’ve probably noticed one thing about this sector. When you take a look at the portfolios of different brands of energy drinks – they’re all nearly identical. It seems like every energy drink company offers very similar products and the choice is very limited. The majority of the energy drinks Europe appreciated is good-quality, low-calorie beverages. Sure, it sounds quite appealing but is also rather plain – if you see dozens of look-alikes on the shop shelves. Energy drink companies in Kenya decided to focus on providing tasty substitutes of alcohol, energy drinks in Tanzania are closely related to the energy drinks in Zambia – great during doing sports and work-outs. It looks like the markets are divided into few categories which contain lots and lots of similar products. If you expect more and you’re looking for an option that will meet the highest expectations – check out KABISA Energy Drink. It’s produced by experienced manufacturers in Poland but it’s a truly African beverage – a perfect answer to that market’s needs. Unique taste and tropical vibe meet the highest quality European ingredients and natural sugar only – no artificial sweeteners or colorants are added. Instead – it’s packed with vitamins. It’s already one of the most popular beverages in several countries in Africa and a beloved energy drink in Kenya and Ivory Coast. Take a sip of KABISA and feel the difference!