Is every energy drink unhealthy? We know the answer!

The number of people leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is constantly increasing. For some it’s just another global trend and for others it’s a genuine need and desire to take care of their mind and body condition. Food choices are incredibly important when speaking of this subject. For many of us excluding products like sweets, alcohol and energy drinks from our daily lives is a real challenge. So how does the energy drink sector look in terms of being health-friendly? The majority of energy drinks companies don’t pay too much attention to the quality of their products – the composition is usually not very impressive and full of artificial additives. Unfortunately lots of different energy drink brands are, in fact, nearly identical. Are there any producers manufacturing energy drinks of higher quality? Are there any natural products available on the market? Every country has different rules and approaches. For instance, in Guyana energy drink is something to have with a meal, its most important feature is the taste. When it comes to energy drinks Poland has very strict standards that are quite difficult to meet for the producers. Which is good – this way the outcome is much more satisfying. Mutalo Group, a Polish beverage manufacturer, created a unique and innovative product – KABISA Energy Drink. It contains natural sugar only, it’s packed with vitamins and has no artificial sweeteners or colorants added. It’s a perfect option for people who care about what they consume. It’s on its way to become one of the best energy drinks in Nigeria and an energy drink South Africa will absolutely love. Don’t hesitate to give it a try – it has the best quality to price ratio and you will fall in love with its tropical taste from the first sip. And it’s healthier than most of the beverages from the same shelf!