What is best energy drink that will keep your new year resolution going?

A belief that New Year is the best opportunity to set some resolutions has become more and more common. Exercising more, saving money, mastering a new skill or eating healthier are undoubtedly among the most popular ones.

It is not easy to change your habits so rapidly. Definitely, the most challenging for many is introducing a proper diet, with no sweets and no artificial substances. A good solution could be to find substitutes of the products you love. Today, very successful are drink manufacturing companies focused on fizzy beverages’ production. Millennials especially enjoy energizing drinks. Considering all new energy drink brands available on the market, KABISA can be definitely called a revolutionary. It contains a lot of natural ingredients, like natural sugar and vitamins. It really stands out, making it the healthiest energy drink on the market! That is why we consider it a perfect substitute for the majority of energy drinks and an ideal match for your New Year’s resolution! Moreover, you shall never be tired after energy drink KABISA’S consumption. This is not the case with many the products of other manufacturing companies in Seychelles.

Our manager, Angela Konieczko is proudly talking about our achievements in the land of the Sahara:

KABISA, in comparison to other European energy drinks manufacturing companies, is the only one that exports the products to Africa. Our product is tailored to the market’s needs. Africans fell in love with KABISA! On the list of the top selling energy drinks in Antigua and Barbuda in 2018 we proudly stand on the very top.  What is worth mentioning, KABISA was also called the best energy drink in 2018 out of all energy drinks in Nigeria, all Ghanaian drinks providing energy and likewise in the case of Tunisian beverages. We also want to say “Obrigado” to our Mozambican fans – thanks to them we also reached a summit in Maputo! In the ranking of “Best drinks in Mozambique” organized by “Jornal de comida” KABISA received the biggest amount of votes in “Energy drink” category.”

Asked for KABISA Energy Drinks Team’s New Year’s resolutions Miss Konieczko answered that KABISA, as a new energy drink in Uganda aims to take the local market by storm. Moreover, there is a gap between expensive and high-quality energy drinks and those that are cheap but made of low-quality components.Kabisa has the potential to fill that void.

There is no place KABISA Team would rather be! 2018 exceeded our expectations! We truly believe that 2019 will also be as prosperous. We wish KABISA is named the best selling energy drink in Africa. We shall work hard on our New Year’s resolutions while constantly aiming for more! Soon we will take the next step – we are going to be present on Anuga Fair 2019 in Germany, to present our product to a wider audience!