New Year’s celebration concert revealed what is the best drink for energy!

They definitely know how to make the crowd going! The concert of Ariel Sheney and Safarel Obiang was undoubtedly the most invigorating way for New Year’s celebration! The concert was sponsored by KABISA, one of the best energy drinks 2018.

The event was a real treat for music lovers – top Ivorian artists on one stage, during one night, singing the biggest hits – what more could you want! Fans didn’t let them down, the Ivoire Golf Club in which it took place, was filled to the brim! People were singing along to “Tchintchin” and “Sympa” – some top of the charts songs. But not only music made this event so special – KABISA, as one of the most beloved brands of energy drinks in Ivory Coast, provided the real energy in the room!

Even though KABISA is frequently called the best vitamin drink and has stayed on the top of the energy drinks list, we found a few volunteers that have never tried it before and decided to taste it for the first time! Let’s take an insight to our short conversations:

Kevin: “Originally I’m from Zambia, but I came here to study French at the university. As a student, from time to time I am in need of some energy drink to avoid sleeping on books. Honestly, I tried almost every power energy drink Zambia offers. In contrast, from Ivorian drinks I can name just a few. Now you see why I am really looking forward to trying KABISA!”

We bet you are curious whether Kevin thinks that KABISA Energy Drink rules the market! But to build some tension, let’s check what Maria wants to tell us!

Maria: “My friends call me “A Strider”. I have visited almost all countries in Africa. Traveling is not just a hobby but also a lifestyle. Everywhere I go I try a local cuisine: from food, through soft drinks to alcohol. Since traveling requires a huge amount of energy I tried a lot of energy drinks available on the African market. That’s why I can tell you, that in Mozambique drinks providing you some extra energy are not so popular (but I predict it will completely change after you launch), in Ghana drinks like KABISA rock the market, in Madagascar energy drink is a favorite soft drink of white-collars and in Mauritius energy drinks are on the way to win over the cola-like beverages. I am still wondering what happened that I haven’t tried KABISA yet!”

We decided to confront both in order to check their reactions!

Kevin: “Generally… I think I found my drink in Ivory Coast! Perfect sweetness, no too fizzy, such as smooth taste… simply the best!”

So what is Maria’s first impression of KABISA?

“Guys, I had to have my eyes shut! The can design is so lovely, tropical, colorful and definitely eye-catching, how I haven’t noticed it? And this taste… perfectly balanced! You did a good job! I can not believe that I tried it so late!”

As you may assume, KABISA is available in most parts of the continent! It is well-known in countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast. It is also the most frequently bought Kenyan drink. This is all due to our continued efforts to spread our message,lightly we have traveled to Paris for the sial exhibition. To everyone’s astonishment, KABISA Energy Drink manufacturing takes place in Poland. While energy drink production takes place far from Africa, we are able to say that Africans love KABISA!

Cheers to more amazing concerts, chillouts and parties!