What fits barbeque the best? KABISA – the best tasting energy drink!

Who loves Barbeque parties? Of course everybody! Tasty sausages, fresh drinks and all of your friends in one place. In December, we had an amazing pleasure to take part in one of our favourite events – Festival de saucisses d’Abidjan. There was a lot of amazing activities, dancing and having fun! Everybody was smiling, thanks to your favourite custom energy drink – KABISA!

The Festival de Saucisses showed us that KABISA is not only the best energy drink for focus and concentration, but also the best one for partying! Can all energy drink brands say it? Certainly not, KABISA is one of a kind. A lot of people confirm that, Boyane who was at the event told us that she always brings KABISA to meetings with her friends but also uses it when she needs concentration for studying. Before, she used to drink Ethiopian energy drinks, but then she fell in love with KABISA energy drink. With KABISA, she doesn’t need to ask herself a question: “Are energy drinks good for you?”, because she knows that KABISA is 100% natural and has a lot of vitamins.

At the event we celebrated the fact that our brand is the one with the biggest energy drink import to Africa! It is amazing, especially if you think that our energy drink factory is located in Poland, so as a result our energising drinks have to travel almost 10 000 km to reach your hands. Isn’t it amazing? All that to give you the real energy you deserve!

Obviously, there are many other producers of energy drinks in Africa.  The list of soft drinks in Ghana is the longest in whole Africa and we are very proud that KABISA can be at this list amongst even Kittian energy drinks and Mauritian drinks. We are very happy that almost every inhabitant of Tanzania drinks KABISA. Also in Tunisia energy drink KABISA gained a lot of fans, hence we decided to join the annual Anuga exhibition this year in Cologny. We are extremely thrilled and we hope to see other amazing Kenyan products sellers there.