What fits pizza best? Of course one of the best tasting energy drinks – KABISA!

Everybody loves pizza. This amazing dish with Italian roots, became the biggest world phenomenon. It is really cheap and tasty therefore it was loved by billions of people around the whole world. There is also another thing which endeared hearts of many people – an energising drink produced by Mutalo Group named KABISA! It fits pizza and any other meal perfectly. That’s why this weekend – to celebrate International Pizza Day – we decided to organise a unique event in Nairobi which will mix those two favourite products. To each pizza you get a free can of KABISA! What a wonderful day!

KABISA has a tropical vibe and African roots, despite being produced in Poland. In 2016 we entered the African market and joined a long list of energy drinks from Kenya, where KABISA was immediately loved. Our best power drink KABISA also found its place in other African countries. We entered the energy drink market in Nigeria soon after extending the Kenyan beverages list. We also have the privilege of being one of the most unique beverages Angola may offer. Moreover, we have recently started KABISA Energy Drink production Burundi really looked for and consequently we are now available in Burundi’s capital – Gitega. We are utterly excited and absolutely thrilled by the fact that despite the long list of energy drink manufacturers, people around the whole Africa trusted our brand! Maybe it is time to conquer another continent? Many different energy drink manufacturers have decided to introduce their products to Middle and South American markets. The tropical character of KABISA would fit perfectly most of the countries in Polynesia and Carribeans. It would be amazing to join the market of the small island countries, such as the Saint Lucian beverages market, which, just like KABISA, value the nature and family roots the most. So far KABISA is fighting for the title of the best cabo verdean drink.

What is so special in KABISA that distinguishes us from different brands of energy drinks? We are definitely not the most expensive energy drink on the market! The price of KABISA is really affordable, concerning its natural ingredients full of vitamins. We are also a true endurance energy drink. Only KABISA will give you so much energy, for which reason our beverage was chosen the best power drink. The best thing to testify this is the fact that we got an invitation to the prestigious SIAL Paris 2019 trade show, which is the biggest world expo in the food industry.