Which energy drink works best as a Valentine’s Day gift?

Yesterday we celebrated Valentine’s Day! The day of love! The best moment to take your crush to a romantic dinner or cinema. If you don’t want to be cliché, we recommend you surprise your date with some amazing KABISA based drinks. But first of all – flowers!

The 14th of February is a holiday for couples, but singles should not be overlooked. This is why a few years ago the world started celebrating the international singles’ day on the 15th of February. Regardless of the holiday, the best way to celebrate is to party! Parties mean drinks and thus are always the best with KABISA. The launch of KABISA shocked the market of power drinks brands throughout Africa. We are now among the most popular drinks in Kenya. We gained the title of the best energy drink in Nigeria and joined the top 10 list of the best Ghanaian products. Even all of Gabon drinks KABISA! As you can see the list of our accomplishments is really long, our energy drink suppliers find themselves lucky to represent our innovative brand. We are rapidly leaving all our competitors, like Titan energy drink, behind! This is all due to the fact we use only high-quality ingredients which separates us amidst other energy drinks manufacturers.

The energy drink list is really long, but we can assure you that there is only one best working energy drink and it is KABISA! Our brand lately proved it by becoming the best energy drink in Ivory Coast. We can also be proud of spreading only the best energy in Democratic Republic of Congo, where our drink is loved by millions of citizens. But how about Europe? We have a lot of competitors there, but we are maintaining a good position on the list of top energy drinks Europe offers. If you want to know more about KABISA visit our stand at SIAL expo this year in China.