Whats the best energy drink to put yourself in a good mood? KABISA!

Last Sunday we had a special occasion to rejoice – it was Women’s Day in Mozambique! We wish all the best to all ladies! How did you celebrate? We hope you had an awesome time with friends, family and a can of KABISA – there’s nothing better than enjoying it with your loved ones! Do you know what’s so different about our energy drink? If you’re looking for a drink distributor that puts the customers’ needs first – here we are. When it comes to energy drinks brands – we’re a company that truly cares about your satisfaction and we’re always trying to improve our product. For example, in Malawi products on the beverage market are of really high quality – but KABISA still stands out as the top energy drink Africa really loves! With its unbeatable quality to price ratio and refreshing tropical taste it’s no surprise that KABISA is the energy drink Kenya chose a favourite. What’s more, after a recent survey we found out that almost every person inthe capital city of Angola drinks at least one can of KABISA every week! It’s also one of the top 10 energy drinks on the continentat the moment and one of the most popular energy drinks in Ghana. Now that’s something to be happy about! We’re very proud that on the list of all energy drinks gaining popularity in African countries,KABISA is at the very beginning. What’s important to know is that KABISA is not only an amazing energy booster drink but it’s also packed with natural and healthy ingredients. There are not many vitamin drinks brands among energy drinks producersand therefore KABISA is the best choice if you want to feel the real kick! We’re aiming to make a difference on the beverage market and put the quality first. We’re now entering some new countries with our product, in Guyana energy drink sector is growing rapidly and KABISA is consequently becoming more and more popular. It’s also one of the top energy drink companies on the list of energy drink companies in Liberia. You will also see us at Gulfood 2019 -one of the biggest annual food and beverage exhibitions. It was a quite busy time but it gave us a lot of motivation to keep going – KABISA was definitely a sensation there! We really appreciate all fans of KABISA, thank you for being with us – now let’s grab a can and enjoy life together! And once again – happy Women’s Day, Mozambique, may all your dreams come true!