What is the the work of passion energy drink could push you to focus on? KABISA = motivation!

Sometimes everybody feels a little overwhelmed and tired. When you have such day it is good to reach for something that will boost your energy and helps you regain concentration. The first thing that comes to our mind are various energy drink brand names, but which one to choose? The answer was never more simple – choose KABISA Energy Drink, the unquestioned leader of african drinks!

KABISA entered the African market few years ago and was immediately loved by billions. Our biggest secret is that on a list of energy drinks in Africa, KABISA is the only 100% natural energy drink. We are not using any sweeteners but only natural sugar. KABISA is full of vitamins and our cans are biodegradable. That makes Mutalo Group the healthiest and most ecologic producer among top drink companies. It was proved when KABISA won the title of best somali drink. Another huge KABISA achievement was entering the market of congo drinks, right after joining the top selling energy drinks in Angola. Everyone in Africa appreciates the energising attributes of KABISA. Even the whole Malawi drinks KABISA!

But our beverage is famous not only in Africa. Last year we debut among the trinidadian energy drinks and joined the top brands Guyana has on its market. Furthermore we also succeeded in other South American countries which led to increase in energy drinks wholesale in many Latin countries. This year we are preparing to conquer another continents.  You can meet us at SIAL China 2019 in 2 weeks, look for our stand E4 E022 in beverages section among top best energy drinks producers. We hope to repeat our success from SIAL China 2018 where we won the award for the best energy drink!