Celebrating Independence Day in Malta can make you tired. If you want to know what is the best supplement for energy we have an answer: KABISA!

Hi Everybody! It is finally Friday. Many of us are going to celebrate the end of the week but only Malta will start celebrating the Independence Day, which is tomorrow. Happy 55th anniversary guys!!!


What can be better than starting celebration the day before? Probably starting t 2 days earlier! To do so you must be rested but let’s be honest, who nowadays has a possibility to sleep peacefully longer than 6 hours? In that case you may wonder what will give you the most energy? Here we come with the answer: energy drinks! There are many brands of energy drinks. Some of them we know very well but how can we be sure if new energy drink brands can be trustworthy? First of all, you need to check if drink manufacturing companies have any standards of energy drinks. The process of energy drink production should be well considered. For example energy drink consumption in Poland has been growing for the last few years for the reason that companies had improved their recipes and quality of components. Food trade fairs all over the world have shown that request for energy drinks have also been growing in different countries. Energy drinks in Uganda are one of the most popular drinks which are consumed not only when you want to concentrate but also during meetings with friends. On the market of Dominican Republic drinks are not a very big sector but energy drinks still have an established position. Energy drink consumption in Ghana has been stabilized and many people enjoy drinking this kind of beverages. When it comes to the situation in Tobago energy drinks have a very similar significance for the beverage sector. And what if next year someone asks what is the best energy drink in South Africa in 2020 ?  Or what is the best tasting energy drink?  And which energy drink stimulates the most?  You will know the answer –  KABISA, which also happens to be the only energy drink suitable for vegans in Africa.


Remember to celebrate Independence Day in Malta, have an amazing day! We hope you will have fun and a can of KABISA right next to you!