A healthy lifestyle? Find out which Energy Drink are gluten-free!

Two days ago we celebrated Revolution Day in Mozambique! We hope you had some amazing time! And reffering to the title – the answer is simple – the most effective energy drink, which is also gluten-free, is KABISA. Mutalo Group – a producer of KABISA Energy Drink is one of the largest energy drink companies and one of the leading energy drink brands in South Africa. When it comes to producing an energy drink Poland is a great place to begin. High standards regarding the quality and an access to the best ingredients usually result in manufacturing an outstanding product. One of the examples is KABISA! This year you could meet our team at Sial China 2019 – one of the biggest and most important exhibitions from the food and beverage sector. Being on this kind of event definitely indicates that the sale of energy drinks has grown in recent years. And coming back to the subject of the Revolution Day celebration, we should mention the energy drink consumption in Mozambique. Wholesale energy drink suppliers reported a growing interest in the energy drinks market. Energy drink consumption in Ivory Coast is growing every year and KABISA is said to be a perfect relax energy drink, hence you can drink it not only when you need some extra power but also when you’re meeting with friends and just chilling. In Kenya energy drink market is one of the biggest in Africa and KABISA plays a huge role there. Many young Kenyans enjoy drinking drinks with energy drinks, there are also a lot of recipes for non-alcoholic drinks with KABISA. Those countries are not exceptions, for example the list of energy drinks in Ghana is also still growing. If you still haven’t tried KABISA – give it a chance, it has the best quality to price ratio. All the carefully selected ingredients and essential vitamins provide you with an ultimate energy boost. There are no artificial sweeteners added and the tropical flavour is unique and amazingly refreshing! We’re sure that if there were awards for a special feature of an energy drink best taste in Africa would definitely belong to KABISA! We’re introducing this awesome beverage to more and more countries now so stay tuned – we plan to start with the northern part of Africa. If you are going to spend your next vacation on this beautiful continent and wonder what to drink in Egypt – don’t hesitate and grab a can of KABISA!


At the end we just wanted to say that we hope you had a great time during the celebrations of Revolution Day in Mozambique and that KABISA was with you the whole time.