Last week our team visited Anuga Food Fair. We presented KABISA Energy Drink – an energy drink suitable for vegans.

KABISA can be found in many countries all over the world. Thanks to its unique design and great taste many people consider KABISA as the best tropical energy drink. All the energy drink companies  are outdoing one another just to find the most desirable product.

Let’s think about things which are the most important when you are deciding which energy drink you want to buy. Nowadays struggling with finding the right diet is a common problem. Our lifestyle doesn’t let us stop and think what’s the best choice for us. Young people often eat quick lunches between classes or during a break at work – they choose to grab a burger with fries or a slice of pizza. It’s definitely not the best option in the long run. In Mutalo Group Kenya  we care about people’s health, we use only natural sugars and high-quality ingredients to produce KABISA. It’s also packed with vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 which makes KABISA the most effective energy drink . A classy design of the can is another reason to give this beverage a try. Vibrant colours attract attention and make KABISA a fresh, trendy novelty on the market. KABISA is also characterized by the high quality ingredients of European origin Thanks to that it will provide you with an ultimate energy boost anytime you need it. Drinks with energy drink are highly popular during a night out because they will make you feel full of energy till morning. It is worth mentioning that KABISA is available in many African countries and it’s Halal compliant, so if it’s important to you – you no longer have to wonder what to drink in Egypt  during holidays.

We’re constantly developing and entering new areas, the energy drink consumption in Europe is higher than ever and KABISA has its significant place there.

And what about the energy drink consumption in Africa ? We’re now observing the energy drink consumption in South Africa and it’s really thriving. Also in Uganda energy drink market has been growing in recent years and KABISA plays a big role in that process. And, likewise, in other African countries, for example in Kenya or in Ivory Coast energy drinks    market is growing very fast. Energy drinks are considered not only as energy boosters but also as lifestyle drinks. It’s a great choice for any party, a family gathering or just hanging out with a group of friends. Many celebrities decide to advertise this type of beverages, the best example is Ivorian star – Dj Kerozen, who is a big fan and the face of KABISA Energy Drink. If you are still wondering what energy drink works the best  , just type Kabisa energy drink Kenya in the browser and find your answer. And If you couldn’t meet our team during the Anuga Fair in Cologne – don’t worry. We’ll be on Sial Shanghai – an amazing event from the food and beverage sector. We hope you will come to see us and say hello – let’s have a sip of KABISA together!