It’s time to reveal which energy drink works the best – it’s KABISA!

As you can probably remember our team has already visited Warsaw School of Economics but it wasn’t enough for us. After the Anuga exhibition we came back for the AIESEC Careers Day to talk to students about various job opportunities in our company. It’s not like there’s just one energy drink brand on the market so we’re trying to raise awareness about what makes KABISA so special and unique. If you wonder what energy drink works the best ,   you will find the answer below.

First of all, KABISA, in contrast to other energy drinks, is full of vitamins like B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. They’re essential for the optimal functioning of our bodies and thanks to that you can treat yourself with some delicious drinks with energy drinks without worrying that you will feel bad the following day. It’s not surprising that KABISA is called the best energy drink with vitamins in Africa . Next thing we really care about is the design of the can – we didn’t want to come up with another boring look which would be forgotten immediately. KABISA is strongly linked to African culture and history. Vibrant colors and unique patterns make the cans more eye-catching than any other energy drink. We were going for something fresh, tropical and trendy and you can definitely see that – everyone is intrigued with our colorful can. This is a phenomenon of the XXI century, people are looking for an outstanding product so they can show it on their social media to catch new audience. When it comes to wholesale energy drinks are a constantly developing sector. It’s easily noticeable that the energy drink consumption in Malawi and energy drink consumption in Mauritius have grown in recent years. Situation with Tobago energy drinks is very similar – customers were looking for something that will not only taste great but also look interesting. That’s when KABISA thrives.

Most drink manufacturing companies choose to be safe over innovative and prefer to keep things the way they know really well.

We also care about relations with our customers, you could meet Kabisa energy drink Kenya team members during many fun events in Nairobi. You are always more than welcome to come to us and say hi – don’t be shy! Our main goal is your satisfaction. While you are drinking KABISA – we are working on improvements in order to make you more content. Despite the fact that KABISA has a great taste and high quality packing, it is not a luxury product. In South Africa energy drink price is quite high, but KABISA really stands out – it has the best quality to price ratio

Any energy drink Europe appreciated needs to meet very high quality standards. Being the most unique energy drink Poland has ever launched we’re putting much effort into entering new markets and making KABISA your favourite. Try it yourself and feel 100% of real energy.