Are energy drinks good for you? We can’t speak for the other brands but KABISA Energy Drink is the best way to gain healthy power!

As you may remember, since September we have been visiting different job fairs. It has been a crazy and unforgettable time for our team members. We’ve been working really hard every day to promote KABISA and we wanted to meet with you one more time. That is the reason why we showed up at the job fairs in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. During that event we were able to talk about all the possibilities which Mutalo Group can offer to the potential employees. Energy drinks in Poland are highly popular especially among people in the age between 16 and 40. The pace of life is getting faster and faster. When coffee is not enough to keep you awake and alert – that’s where the energy drinks come in. KABISA contains only natural sugar, it’s packed with essential vitamins and it’s rich in high-quality caffeine. This combination will guarantee you a high level of energy for the whole day. Apart from KABISA Energy Drink you can find dozen different brands on the market. All energy drink manufacturers  are putting a huge effort in order to make their product the leading one. As you may have already found out – KABISA is mostly available on the African market. Mutalo Group Kenya contacts new potential business partners everyday and thanks to that we are constantly expanding. It’s now one of the most popular beverages on the continent. In Ivory Coast drinks are an essential part of every party or family gathering, always make sure to keep some extra cans of KABISA in the fridge! Soft drinks manufacturers in Tanzania also want to have this innovative tropical energy drink in their offer and it’s not  surprising – KABISA is taking more and more markets by storm. Despite the fact that KABISA is a fastly growing company, we are not a corporation. What makes Mutalo Group stand out as an employer? The most crucial thing is the fast-paced environment – you won’t have two similar tasks. Every single day gives you an opportunity to develop yourself and face new challenges – you’ll never get bored!  If you want to find out more about our work or job fairs we stayed at, read other articles on our drink blog and visit our website! We hope you will have a great weekend!